Nathan's Men's Store has been serving fashion-conscious clients for more than 70 years. From World War II army uniform accessories, to Ivy League pants, to bell-bottoms, to the pink/gray craze of the '50s to leisure suits, to the Nehru look and now on into the fads of the 21st century, Nathan's has handsomely withstood the test of time.

Nathan and Mildred Estroff founded Nathan's "for Dad and lad" in 1942, thus beginning a reputation that simply stated says, "If you can't find it at Nathan's -- give it up, you don't need it."

The tradition of excellence has been carried on by their son, Harris, who was brought up in the business. Through the years, Harris has built the store into a mecca for men of all sizes with a diversity of tastes in traditional menswear.

Harris believes that the formula for the success of Nathan's Men's Store includes keeping a great sales staff and an in-house tailor, carrying certain items not found elsewhere, catering to the hard-to-fit customers, listening to what customers say and a whole lot of good fortune. This formula has resulted in a big/tall department, a tuxedo rental department, a slim fit section and a positive store attitude toward customers that is second to none anywhere in central Florida.